Industrial Loft Turned Feminine for a Valentine Day Wedding

Under a pink cloud, this industrial loft in New York became an ultra romantic and feminine Valentine’s Day wedding designed by Wild Heights Events. Full of cute and elegant details, we are excited about the shade flowers, the delicate mix of flowers in the hanging installation and the dreamy wedding dress with removable sleeves. Rebecca or the beautiful photos in the photograph are just our Valentine’s Day this year.

From the photographer, Rebecca O Photography: Weddings are a celebration of love, so how can we not pay attention to the ultimate celebration of love? Bring romance and pink. Rebecca from Rebecca oder Fotografie and Willa, owner and main organizer of Wild Heights Events, wanted to create a film that would embody Valentine’s Day.

Since we live and work in New York, we wanted to capture the essence of the city. The answer? An industrial warehouse in Long Island City. We loved the natural light from the windows, the soft greys of the cement floor and the whitewashed brick walls. We soften this look by filling the room with flowers, delicate glassware and crispy paper products. The warehouse served as the perfect backdrop for an ultra chic and ultra feminine tablescape. A wedding of modernity and femininity.

The color palette came easily: PINK. We wanted the roses to stay soft to suit the matte textures of plates and vases. While we wanted depth, we didn’t want too much contrast on the table. The soft shade of the flowers brought its own sweetness to the room, filling it with a variety of colors and textures. Victoria from Designs by Ahn has brought a touch of femininity with her sculptural creations.

The table was dressed in white, pink and gold. Each frame is decorated with an acrylic box filled with flowers with the letter “xo” on top. Jubilee Paper has created a beautiful set of invitations, a beautiful display in pink tones and effortless lettering – the menus are carefully tucked into the cutlery.

Like a touch of colored powder, magically organic with wild pastel shades, the bow hovered over the couple, as if hanging them on cloud nine, adding a euphoric and gentle fantasy. Inspired by the fluff of the hanging flowers, we chose Liza Ray’s off-the-shoulder dress for this snapshot. The loose tulle sleeves were so delicate and completed the cloudy feeling of the bow above. We decided to have the bride’s hair in loose waves to create an elegant and soft look. Her dark brown hair contrasted perfectly with the golden nails of Jade Oi’s iris.

We wanted to show how a ceremonial bow can be repurposed to be a beautiful floral moment for a favorite table or a devotional dinner for a group of six. Not only is it the perfect idea to reuse flowers in a more environmentally friendly way, but it is also economical to reuse a bow as part of a dinner party. For the second part of the shooting, our girlfriend, fashionable and practical, wore Liza Ray’s jumpsuit with transparent gloves.

We wanted to create this movie to remind people that Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love, enjoy romance and wear pink.

This industrial wedding gathering with rose-soaked women officially became our eternal Valentine. If the roses and Reds sing their hearts out, then this wonderful wedding in Australia will cryptonize them.

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