Micro Destination Wedding in Lebanon with Luxe Mustard

This devoted Lebanon wedding inspiration is all about the luxurious details. With golden hues, flowing sleeves and wildly wavy flowers, we can’t help but feel transported. Strawberries and champagne are a stunning setup that is truly a luxurious masterpiece. With luxurious mustard-colored bedding, perfect and mismatched table decoration and bold patterned porcelain, we guarantee that you will be fascinated by the photos of Serena Genovese Photography.

From the sea, strawberries and champagne: this little gem of the Middle East, where the sea and the land meet and where the cultures of the east and the West thrive, offers a variety of landscapes and awesome monuments, modern or historical, which create the perfect places for weddings. With its wide range of wedding industry professionals, Lebanon is an excellent destination to commemorate your big day.

We decided to set it up in Lebanon, more precisely in Batroun, a northern coastal town and one of the oldest cities in the world. Between its beaches and its azure waters and its traditional and historical Lebanese architecture, the city offers a variety of perfect filming locations that become magical sets for the Film.

“How about a ceremony in the middle of the sea?”that’s what we thought when we saw a big rock on the banks of Marea, a waterfront project with beach houses and leisure facilities. The rough Greige Rock connects to the sandy beach by a strip of smaller rocks and emerges from the Azure Sea at a place where only water surrounds it. There, a circular field of greenery, local wildflowers, orange tulips and pink Proteas was created around the couple to complement the beautiful landscape of blue water and sky.

The old streets and the city of Batroun provided the perfect backdrop for the newlyweds’ photo film between authentic houses, romantic streetlights and historical monuments. For the dining table, the arches of Sayedet el Bahr were the ideal setting to place the table. Built in the sixteenth century, this simple church overlooks the remains of a dike phénicienne.Il has a charming terrace with a vaulted point of view overlooking the sea. The table was the embodiment of oriental and traditional elements, designed and assembled with a modern touch.

On the round mirror panel reflecting the yellow stones, heavy velvets in mustard and royal blue tones created a runner on which traditional clay vessels and Vintage gold vases bore a variety of local airy greens and flowers in shades of yellow, pink, blue and beige. Vases and trays of dried fruits, apples and birds in blown glass, concrete pomegranates, sets of plates with Andalusian motifs, gold cutlery and velvet printed menus gave the whole an oriental touch.

All in all, we wanted to present our beautiful Lebanon with its magical places and natural gems, local artists, designers and style experts for the beautiful wedding destination captured by the Italian eyes of Serena Genovese Photography and Sergio Bonitti.

This perfect scene is like something from our favorite movie and we can’t stop gushing over all the luxurious details of this Lebanon wedding inspiration. Before the wedding, be sure to think about a female milk bath Boudoir movie that can be an attractive surprise for your future spouse!

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