Our Popular Wedding Reception Looks

Ces wedding reception configurations exude inspiration that speaks your theme or theory. Today they seem to be among the best in the world! Outdoor photo, tents, dripping flowers, handmade macrame lamps et many, many lush flowers. In addition, we will be looking for a new inspiration for the wedding celebration, without being rich in general yesterday. Okay enough chatter, let’s dive in!

This belt buckle on the shore of Costa Rica is practiced in paradises. You don’t need crystals and handshakes to find macrame lamps, you need a perfect accentuating floor. Installation of the event planning One Heart, flowers by Diana Palomo and photo by Raw Films Photography.

Shadow cascade flowers is a hotter trend, with them we will be an edge soon! This evil in Western Arizona is bookable with all the details and our hearts were just not available! Plans and photos of facilities by Rachael Ellen and photos by Ashley Rae Photography.

We can and will never settle for this breathtaking Greek wedding reception with mahogany trestle tables, rustic consoles made of patinated elm and vintage chairs made of Franconian oak. Twelve summer plants And photos by Elias Kordelakos

This cozy setup of reception configuration is free in Costa Rica for a stylish bohème atmosphere. We are incredible for all the romantic details with candlelight and shells. Yes, bitch! Planning and design by Bliss Weddings Costa Rica and photo by White Diamond Photography.

I don’t know, I was mar, but I don’t know, I was mar. If the baby eats only one thing, he knows, it’s good for the human breast. Planning and design of married friends, blooming flowers and photo by Davy Blanchiseur.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and this receptionin Athens was inspired by the movie Grand Budapest Hotel, also, of course, we love taffeta pink, sapphire blue and spotted violets in this ultra-chic look. Planers and flowers by Deplanv and photo by Elias Kordelakos.

A minimalist look with elegance and warmth is romantic and elegant. This Toronto war table is lush and unique and provides perfect inspiration for a unique wedding. Dance and dessert, flowers of girls with coriander and photo of Alix Gould.

The perfect combination of sullen and natural tones is the result of this beautiful landscape, which is worth telling! The installation of the hanging lamp is absolutely perfect! Weddings, Lotus Flowers Floral Patterns And pictures by Jamie Mercurio Photography.

This tropical highlight in Bali with small shade trees and neat bamboo beds is like a trauma! Planned by Hari Indah, flowers from Bloomz Bali weddings and photo from the wedding of fashion.

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