Romantic Micro Wedding at Kestrel Park in Santa Ynez Valley

Oh my God! If you are looking for a very romantic wedding venue in California, the beautiful Kestrel Park is a must. Summer Newman Events and Aziz Studios have teamed up for a stunning film with asymmetrical flower columns in shades of blue and a dedicated reception in a secret garden. This wedding inspiration exudes romance and we are officially all carried away by its beauty.

According to the planner, Newman”s summer events: Kestrel Park is an alluring replica of a large English country vacation home in the Santa Ynez Valley. The beautiful terrain and the hills inspired Summer Newman Events and Aziz Studios to form a team to create a tender, romantic and dedicated Film.

Charged with this idea of romance, Summer Newman Events has created a Design to highlight the delicate natural beauty that surrounds Kestrel Park. Christy from Honeycomb Affair has curated an incredible combination of hydrangeas, delphiniums, Tweedia, amnesia roses, koko Loco garden roses, Muscari, sweet peas, spirea, raspberry, ferns and almond branches in delicate shades of green, blue, gray-blue and pink to complete the Design.

The invitations set the tone for the wedding day and created a great example of this Film. For the Rest, the menus and accompanying cards were the perfect accent for the delicate Design.

The delicate theme was continued with the beautiful flowers surrounding the most beautiful cake of the sweet news, the favorite of the day. Even the hair and makeup, skillfully styled by a veiled vanity, brought subtle touches of romance and tenderness.

Towels from the Hostess Haven, rental appliances from the Theoni collection and luxury linen table linen added the perfect upscale touch to the day.

How romantic is this devoted inspiration wedding at Kestrel Park? If you are looking for the wedding venue of your dreams, avoid these 5 mistakes!

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