This Fine Art Wedding in Gold and Emerald Is Sweet Like Honey

This beautiful artistic wedding in Texas is light and airy with the most beautiful color palette of gold and emerald! Bianca Nichole Events Preview of this cute wedding design with honeycomb details on signs and cocktails We love all the grooming details and the touch of bright yellow. Lucille Photo was there to capture every wonderful moment and every surprise, by the degree of the fans: Alayah Benavidez is the model and we may or may not have had a fan girl moment.

By the photographer:

The magic of a room with a vivid perspective is minimalism. This is a neat table, a nice base for everyone to visit on a particular day. Bianca Bianca Nichole Events was inspired by an emerald green jacket she had seen from the black tuxedo. She imagines that it combines with a soft yellow color and tons of egg, and for both the concept of sweet with honey was born.

The honey as a data is a weave in the whole landscape photo, the soft yellow conical candles, in the honeycomb chocolates on the top of each plate, honeycomb signage and golden foliage for flatlays.

The one that will start with most of the fine arts and design direction will take up half of the view, from on board with the birch and brass furniture rental selection, then with some of the distribution items, then with Lucille’s egg background… to studio photos of the couple. The golden background, the golden chair and the yellow pastis flowers created a tonal look reminiscent of a fashion editorial.

For our model girlfriend, we were very happy to have Alayah Benavidez, who is currently a somewhat serious competitor on the current season of The Bachelor.

This noble art of marriage, sprinkled with shades of gold and emerald in Texas, is a dream come true! Is it also like Alayah a handful of tea or roses, because never say never, right? If you are interested in your engagement ring, you can send more than a small trace with these 30 unique engagement rings that are not useful.

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