Way to Craft an Heirloom Driven Wedding Day

If you are looking for ways to make your wedding day personal and unique for you as a couple and to make design decisions that go beyond trends, then what wedding photographer Amanda Olivia teaches us today could be exactly what you are looking for. She explains exactly how to create a legacy-focused wedding to make sure she and her groom shine on their wedding day and how to have design details on purpose.

From photographer Amanda Olivia Photography: A wedding anniversary is more than a big reception, a busy schedule, fireworks and noise. First of all, your wedding day is the beginning of your wedding. The beginning of a new chapter in your relationship. In today’s fast-paced, screen-oriented society, it’s often difficult to focus on what really matters: relationships. Here are some of our favorite ways to create a legacy-focused wedding day that ensures your unique story shines through.

1. Slow Down

Take the time to enjoy the process and deliberately create quiet moments on your wedding day. Find those moments to spend time alone, sort your thoughts, read love letters and breathe. Surround yourself with people who know how to be in the moment and who can help you focus on the beginning of your marriage instead of getting stuck in the schedule and the pressure of other people’s calendars. If you take the time to enjoy the moments between the scheduled events, you will be able to immerse yourself in your wedding experience and embrace and appreciate everything that is happening around you.

2. Quality over quantity

Take the time to select the meaningful details that will tell your truest story. Invest in the details that make you happy, give substance to your day, and that’s important. Often, couples stretch their budget to try to fit everything in. Instead, they associate things. Determine which details are really important to you and invest in them. We recommend that you think about the following questions so that you can think about what is important to you on your wedding day and where you should invest your energy, time and money to bring your story to life.

By asking these slow questions at the beginning of your wedding planning process, you can selectively choose the right one to focus on. Remember that quality always trumps quantity.

3. Include ancestors

When you celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your relationship and unite two families into one, you bring your own ancestors and heritage with you into your day. Bring out your personal elements to share the richness of your family and their stories. Some of our favorite ways to include ancestors are: Add handwritten love notes from your grandparents.

Get out the family bibles and read some of your favorite books. Put your grandmother’s pendant around your neck. Add to your bouquet flowers that your mother and grandmother also had on your wedding days. Get married in a property that has a family connection. The beginning of your wedding is the perfect day to join your family lineage and a great way to create your own family traditions.

4. Add family traditions and create your own

The beginning of your wedding is a beautiful moment to add and mix the family traditions of both your families on your wedding day. Ask your grandparents for the most memorable moments of your wedding day. Do you mean some of his stories? How can you incorporate your memories and traditions into your wedding day? Do you want to create your own?

5. Save your memories

Find ways to preserve your most precious memories while living in the moment throughout the day. We recommend that you clean your phones, be present with those around you and focus on what is important for your relationships. Hire a photographer who feels like a friend, captures timeless images and fits into your wedding day. By hiring someone you trust, you can relax and focus on making memories while

Remember that your wedding day is the beginning of your wedding. The focus of your day should be on your relationship. On quality rather than quantity and on the storage of memories. We hope this will help you create beautiful and meaningful memories of your wedding day.

A personalized wedding? Check and check. Now that we have this as an inheritance wedding, let’s talk about financial etiquette to add something else to your list!

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